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Quiz Machine Support 

This area of our website has links to the YouTube videos we have created to support customers who have purchased machines from us. 


This information has been made freely available to support anyone requiring assistance. if you have not purchased your machine directly from us we will not be able to offer any further support. Customers who have purchased machines from us can email or message us for further technical assistance as required. 

Unlocking Your Machine

This video shows how to unlock your machine.


There are several different quiz machine cabinets but they all generally use a similar method to gain access to the key areas. 

Emptying & Refilling


It is important to follow the correct procedure when adding money to the quiz machine float.


The machine monitors the float level and it will switch of the note mech if the float level falls below the minimum level.


This video shows the correct procedure for correctly refilling the £1 float.


Replacing The Credit Dongle

A step-by-step guide to replacing the credit dongle used in the Paragon Quiz Machines manufactured by Games Warehouse

Test & Coin Refill Menus

Games Warehouse quiz machines all have the same method for accessing the menus

The refill menu is used to refill the coins in the payout unit and make changes to the float levels.


The test menu allows to enable/disable games and carry out various diagnostics. 


Coin Mechanism Removal

If your machine's coin acceptance is poor or your machine is displaying error messages relating to the coin mechanism it is is good idea to remove the coin mechanism for cleaning

This can improve acceptance, prevent future coin jams and resolve errors.


Note Validator Errors

If the note bezel is flashing red this video will assist in resolving.

If the note bezel is not lit see 'Emptying & Refilling'

if the note validator bezels blue see 'Note Validator Fitting / Replacement'


Note Validator Fitting / Replacement

The first part of the video explains how the note validator is fitted to the cabinet and secured within the bezel

1:20 onwards shows how to setup the validator with the machine if fitting a replacement

Enabling & Disabling Games & Zones

This video should be followed with caution as mentioned if you deactivate either the arcade or casino zones they can only be reactivated using an activation USB dongle.

This video also shows how to add and hide any of the pre-installed games from the player menus



No Image On Screen

If your screen is completely blank this video will assist us in diagnosing if the fault is down to the monitor, power supply, PC or a damaged/faulty cable.



Monitor Displaying 'No Signal' message

Before following this video leave the machine on for around five minutes with all doors locked.

Insert a coin and If it's accepted then the issue is unlikely to be PC related and we would not advise following the steps in this video.


Image Shift

If the image is not fully showing on certain screens this video should assist in recalibrating the display settings


Dongle Missing Error Message

If you have purchased your machine through us please only carry out this procedure after contacting us and other tests have already been carried out


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