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The VenueHub was manufactured in the UK by Sound Leisure and is one of the most popular jukeboxes in use.


Weekly Jukebox Chart

The weekly Jukebox chart features the most played tracks up and down the country making it easier for customers to find the music they want to listen to.


Millions Of Tracks

The jukebox has 30,000 tracks giving a wide selection of music across all genres. The optional update subscription will ensure the selection is current with new releases. Additionally, by connecting to the internet you have the option to allow access to millions of on-demand tracks users can search and play.


Fully customisable background music

The VenueHub is a truly versatile box allowing full customisation of the background music either playing constantly until a track is purchased or at selected intervals.


The background music can be customised to play the most popular tracks in the venue, certain categories/genres, year ranges and even the beat per minute range can be set.


Fully customisable pricing

Discounts can be offered i.e. 50p for one or 3 for £1 and this can be set to vary depending on the time and day using the ‘Happy Hour’ function you can specify times when you want to encourage use by offering a discount or set times/days for the Jukebox to operate on free play   


Multiple inputs

This can allow you to set the Jukebox up so it will automatically or manually play the sound from another source when not in use. i.e. Sky TV or microphone for quiz nights etc.


4 Music Zones

The jukebox can have up to 4 zones each with its volume control allowing you to set the volume at different levels.


  • 32’’ Full Touchscreen display
  • Height 82cm, Width 60cm, Depth 16cm
  • 4 Music Zones
  • Optional Weekly Chart Updates


This is just a snapshot of some of the features on the box. If there is a particular function you require the chances are the jukebox can allow it.


Click to view the PDF Manual With Full Operator Options

32'' Venue Hub Digital Jukebox

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