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  • High resolution 22 inch LCD monitor
  • Scratch-resistant touchscreen
  • Optional programmable ambient LED light display
  • Optional JCM note acceptor
  • Proven coin handling
  • Multipoint locking system
  • Integrated bar locking system
  • Improved internal airflow to maximise cooling


The games menu will be periodically updated with new games. The games menu can have any three zones active but the casino zone can only be operated if the Megatouch zone is disabled and vice versa. The machine requires a games license dongle to pay for the game updates with the following options available:

  • 1500 Credit Games Dongle (£750.00 Cash In) £69.00+VAT
  • 6300 Credit Games Dongle (£3,150.00 Cash In) £230.00+VAT
  • 13,500 Credit Games Dongle (£6,750.00 Cash In) £450.00+VAT


Every time a game is played one credit will be deducted.
The dongles will not expire until all credits have been used.
Game updates can be downloaded at no charge all the time the dongle has credits.


Current Software: V14.0.00

Paragon TT Quiz Machine

PriceFrom £495.00
Excluding Sales Tax
Estimated Delivery 2-3 Weeks
  • The Paragon TT is the latest in the long-running and hugely popular Paragon series of commercial standard quiz machines! The Paragon Quiz Machine is recognised as one of the foremost machines for pubs, bars and other commercial locations, and the TT is considered the UK's number one pay-to-play SWP terminal.


    The Paragon TT is a sleek and simple design that players recognise as a beacon of involving, high quality quiz games, the Paragon TT shows its commitment to networked play and all the benefits of two-way connectivity. With a high resolution 22 inch 16:1 ratio LCD monitor and scratch resistant touchscreen, the Paragon combines the latest in quiz technology with a hard-wearing and durable cabinet. No other terminal can come close to delivering such compelling cashbox benefits.


    Height 163cm, Width 65cm, Depth 52cm, Weight 100 Kg

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