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Refill keys are used to change the settings on all modern coin operated machines. The keys are used to access the following on most modern fruit machines: - 


  • Meter readings (Cash In/Out Notes In/Out)

  • Volume Control (View & Change The Sound level)

  • Percentage Payout (View aiming & the actual payout percentage)

  • Float Level (View the hopper level without empting the machine)

  • Refill (Refill the machine without the need to open the machine)

  • Hopper Top-Up (Used to confirm the machine has a full float

  • View Win Information (View Last win, Last Bank  etc)

    These keys can also be used for various other settings on other coin operated machines 


  • 87000 Standard Fruit Machine Refill Key


Refill Key

Excluding Sales Tax

Trade Discount

  • Purchase 2 (for £4)

    Purchase 50+ (£1.20 each)

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