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Hainsworth PRECISION is the ultimate players challenge.


Specially designed for the professional and for players aspiring to take their game skills to a whole new level, this revolutionary cloth offers impeccable accuracy, sheer speed, ultimate ball control and unrivalled excitement.


Not only does PRECISION provide players with the ultimate skill challenge, it also removes the need for under table heating allowing club owners to see the financial benefit reflected in their running costs too.


PRECISION received rave reviews from the players in the Indian Nationals.

  • The world’s fastest woollen napped playing surface
  • Challenges perfection in performance
  • Effortless shots
  • Unique and exciting playing experience
  • No need for under table heaters

Pool Cloth - Olive Green (Hainsworth 7ft - Precision)

£130.00 Regular Price
£65.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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