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Scorpion 6 Technology Launch Date : September 2022 Category C – 25p/ 50p/ £1 – £100 jackpot


  • Collect 3 MEGABOT symbols for a Mega Shot
  • Collect 3 symbols to play CASH INVADERS super feature
  • GAMBLE your super features winnings with the GALACTIC GAMBLE
  • Fill the fruit ladder for a bonus
  • Fill the UFO trails to start the feature or activate the Hyper Spins
  • Build your MIB meter up to the JACKPOT!
  • Step into the centre for a STREAK
  • Shoot an Arrow to Step into the next Zone
  • Use your Bonuses wisely
  • Build up your SHOTS and use them to shoot at the active zone
  • Press the button to TALK TO THE LEADER

Banknote Mechanism Options

Cash Invaders

PriceFrom £650.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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