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Pluto 6 Technology - Atom Cabinet Launch Date October 2014 Category B4 – Multi-Stake £400 jackpot

Best of British Feature - Take it or leave it style feature where values are eliminated and the player is offered a cash value based on the values remaining. Players can then take the offer or decide to gamble for more.

Advance up the grid with different start points for the feature.

Start Feature
Super Start (player begins on the inner board)
Mega Start (player begins on inner board & with the Best of British feature open)
Best of British feature starts with best values
Random cash awarded
Taxi: Advance up grid
Rain Cloud: Drop Position
Streak Symbols: The more symbols the player lights up, the bigger the streak

Cash or Bust
Offers the player a death or glory style gamble when entering a feature or when landing on ‘?’

Banknote Mechanism Options

Best Of British

PriceFrom £575.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Multi-Stake, £400 Jackpot

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