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Frequently Asked Questions - Buying A Jukebox



Our machines are delivered by a national courier normally within 7 working days from order.
Once ordered we will email you as soon as we have a delivery date.
If you require a specific delivery date please contact us prior to order.

Can I purchase a jukebox for home use?
Yes, we sell machines for domestic and commercial use.

Will the jukebox be ready to accept the new pound coin?
Yes, all of our machines are programmed to accept the new pound coin.

Will I have to pay for the music & updates?
CD Jukeboxes
All you need to do is purchase the CD's you want to play and load them into the machine. The CD's do not have to be of a special type. If required we can supply the machine pre-loaded with second-hand CD's (Please contact us and we can send you a full list to choose from)
Digital (Touchscreen Jukeboxes)
The content on digital jukeboxes is only available on a subscription basis. If you do not update the jukebox it will normally lock out after around 60 days.The updates vary in cost depending on what music is provided. The majority of jukebox manufacturers charge around £12.00 per week for updates. If the jukebox has chart listings this will normally increase the weekly charge by around £2.
Some manufacturers do cheaper packages for jukeboxes used for home use or with very basic updates these are charged at around £6 per week

Can the machine operate on free-play?
Yes - The price of play can be set to any level per track. Digital jukeboxes have the flexibility of offering different charges on different days i.e. a happy hour or a free/cheaper night to encourage use during quieter periods

Does the machine need to be connected to the internet?
No - Some digital jukeboxes can be connected to the internet so they can automatically download the latest music. Digital jukeboxes can be updated by using update CD's sent by the jukebox music providers.

What’s included with purchase?
Jukebox, Setup information/Instructions, Power lead, Remote Volume Controller, and keys. If you would like to purchase speakers we can advise and supply them for an additional charge.

Do I need to pay for a music license to use the jukebox?
If you are using the jukebox for your own personal use you will not need to pay anything.
If you are making music available to the public you will need to pay for a PPL & PRS license. The prices depend on what you are providing i.e. background music etc.

What happens if my jukebox develops a fault?
All our machines are fully reconditioned inside and before dispatch.
During warranty period
Our machines are covered by our thirty day back to base warranty. In most cases, the majority of faults can be easily remedied over the phone with one of our technicians.
Jukeboxes are designed with modular parts so in the event that you require a part to be changed we will send you a new part so they can easily be removed and replaced.
After warranty has expired
We will always provide free ongoing technical support for any product we sell. We are a long established company and have been selling jukeboxes online since 2001. We will advise you on any parts required to get your machine up and running. We will either supply or put you in contact with a supplier for any parts you require.