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Frequently Asked Questions - Buying A Quiz Machine


Our machines are delivered by a national courier normally within 7 working days from order.
Once ordered we will email you as soon as we have a delivery date.
If you require a specific delivery date please contact us prior to order.
Delivery is to the address only. If you require the machine to be brought into your premises, up any stairs or installed please contact us for a quote.

What’s included with Purchase?
Machine, Setup information/Instructions, Power lead, all keys & optional software dongle

Can I purchase a machine for home use?
Yes, we sell machines for domestic and commercial use.

Will the quiz machine be ready to accept the new pound coin?
Yes, all of our machines are programmed to accept the new pound coin.

What is a dongle & do I need one?
When you purchase a quiz machine you will have the option to purchase a games dongle.
There is no way of the machine operating without a dongle even if it is purchased for home use.
The dongle is a license for the game content and future development of new games.
There are a number of ways you can pay for the software, the most popular method is a credit based system, especially if the machine is for home use as the machine will be used a lot less than in a pub yet you will still have access to the latest software at no additional cost.

Are there any cheaper options for the dongle?
At times we have dongles that have been partly used so it is always worth contacting us to see what’s available i.e. a half used dongle for half the price.

Can the machine operate on free-play?
No, however, you will have full access to the cash-box so you can put money in and take it straight out.

Does the machine need to be connected to the internet?
No – You may wish to connect it using a network cable and connection to a router so that it can automatically update but you do not have to do this.

How does the machine update?
When you purchase the machine we recommend you register it with the manufacturer so they can inform you when new updates are released.
If you do not register you can still update and check for updates by visiting the manufacturer’s websites.

How do I update the machine? (Paragon Quiz Machines)
1 Click here to visit the Games Warehouse download site and download required files onto a computer with a USB drive
2 Extract the download and copy to an empty USB memory stick/flash drive.
3 Switch quiz machine on with all doors open.
4 Once the machine has fully loaded and prompts you to press the test switch.
5 On the first screen, you should see ‘Load Update’ press this and follow the on-screen prompts
6 As soon as the machine starts to reboot unplug the USB memory stick/flash drive. The update should now be complete

Do I need any licenses or permits?
This depends on what you are going to do with the machine and how it is configured. Are you looking to profit from the machine?
Yes - You will probably require licenses or permits and may be subject to machine games duty. Please call us and we will be able to advise you exactly what you will need.
No - Probably not i.e. if you purchase the machine for personal home use as a money box for example then you will not require any licenses or permits. If you are unsure please call us if you are unsure and would like further clarification.

What Happens If my Quiz Machine Develops A Fault?
All our machines are fully reconditioned inside and before dispatch
During warranty period
Our machines are covered by our thirty days back to base warranty. In most cases, the majority of faults can be easily remedied over the phone with one of our technicians.
Quiz machines are designed with modular parts so in the event that you require a part to be changed we will send you a new part so they can easily be removed and replaced.
After warranty has expired
We will always provide free ongoing technical support for any product we sell. We are a long established company and have been selling quiz machines online since 2001.
We will advise you on any parts required to get your machine up and running.
If you require a major part to be replaced, we offer an advance replacement service capped at £75 regardless of what parts are required.
We will support parts for any quiz machine sold for five years from purchase.